Come to Larrabetzu

Historical Heritage

On 9 September 1994, the Basque Government’s Ministry of Culture declared Larrabetzu old town to be a cultural asset, awarding it the category of 'Historical Monument Complex'.


Even though little documentation exists in that regard, everything seems to indicate that the early urban layout was just the street today known as Santa María. Small outlying areas and homes began to appear in the eastern part of the settlement in the 16th century. In 1830, a fire destroyed practically the whole charter town and it was rebuilt on Neo-Classical models.

Only a few Gothic plots, with narrow and long stretches of land, can be seen in some homes and vegetable garden.

The perimeter of Larrabetzu old town runs along Calle Elizoste, behind the Church of Santa María and behind the block of houses on Calle Andra Mari. In total, the early enclosure included the two blocks of houses on Calle Santa María.

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